Cine-concert: L'INHUMAINE


L'Inhumaine is a French science fiction film, released in 1924, directed by Marcel L'Herbier. The film stands out for its experimental techniques and for the collaboration of many renowned specialists in the decorative arts, architecture and music, causing much controversy at its release.

The cine-concert performed by Karpov not Kasparov premiered in Lyon in April 2019 during the French-Romanian Cultural Season.

Famous singer Claire Lescot, who lives on the outskirts of Paris, is courted by many men, including a maharajah, Djorah of Nopur, and a young Swedish scientist, Einar Norsen. At her lavish parties she enjoys their amorous attentions, but remains insensitive to their advances.

As she announces her intention to go on a trip around the world, she finds out that Norsen committed suicide because of her. As she visits the place where Norsen's body is and as she recognizes his feelings for him, she discovers that he is alive.

Jealous of the new relationship between Claire and Norsen, Djorah makes Claire be bitten by a poisonous snake. Her body is brought to Norsen's laboratory, where he, through his scientific inventions, brings Claire back to life.


Karpov not Kasparov are known for their live concerts from all over Europe (they have played in 40 of the 44 European countries) but also for their series of avant-garde concerts.

Their 2016 album was declared the best of the year by and "probably the best genre album of the last ... 30 years in Romania" by Muzici & Faze.


Marcel L'Herbier


Georgette Leblanc, Jaque Catelain, Philippe Hériat