No Rest for the Old Lady


This is the story of Emil, the old man who doesn’t believe in ghosts, and his best friend, Titi. The plot unfolds in a remote hamlet. The place looks like a slice of heaven. Nothing out of the ordinary. The story begins at the 40-day memorial service for Smaranda, the late wife of Emil. Days pass by and Emil realizes that Titi looks like his days are numbered. He wants to brighten him up, but nothing helps. That’s because 40 days after her death, according to Titi, Smaranda moves into his house and starts haunting him. Our story uses black humor and mystery to tell us about the effort everyone needs to put into accepting the other one, in a friendship or love story.


Andrei Gruzsniczki


Mircea Andreescu, Valer Dellakeza, Gabriel Spahiu, Marian Negrescu